Costa Rica

World Event Diary – 6th September 2012, Thursday


Costa Rica hit by strong earthquake

Costa Rica was shaken by a high magnitude on wednesday. The magnitude of the earthquake was measured as 7.6 in the richter scale. Although, there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

Now you can get traffic status with google maps

Now the commuters in India too can get voice-guided, turn by turn directions using the Google Maps Navigation. And if you are in one of the metros New Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai, or even in one of the cities of Bangalore, Pune or Hyderabad, Check your google maps now! You’ll find that a new advanced feature just got activated on your maps menu, yes it is the live traffic updates.

Both services are available on the smart phones running Android 2.2 (or newer). This real-time information is free of cost, and these are very well accessible through desktop browsers. But the surity of this data is a little compromised, as it relies only on crowd-sourced information from Android phones which provide live updates on the average speed of vehicles on major roads. But at the same time, Google’s algorithms are sophisticated enough to make the distinction among the various categories of commuters, such as pedestrians, motorists or bus passengers.





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