World Event Diary – 3rd September 2012, Monday


Windows 8 finally made its debut

With the South Korean electronics giant Samsung announcing its much-awaited device last week, which is the first to feature the Windows 8 operating system,  Nokia is all set to follow the suite next week.

The Samsung’s new ATIV S phone is loaded with a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor and sports a HD Super AMOLED screen , and also has an integrated NFC chip. Nokia will be announcing its line-up of Windows 8 mobile devices at an event in New York in the coming week.

“Eye controlled” TV nowHaier's Eye-controlled TV

In the recent IFA trade show in Berlin, a prototype of an eye-controlled television was unveiled, which uses a sensor placed on a table in front of the user to track the eye movements. It has been developed by Haier, whose Gaze TV uses a technology developed by a Swedish firm, Tobii. Eye-tracking technology is already in the market for computers, by the same company.

The users can control the tv set by staring at the top or bottom of the screen to activate a user-interface. After it is activated, the users can change the volume, switch channel or carry out other functions simply by looking at icons shown on the display. This technologycan be an alternative to the traditional remote control system.

Although the feature is not built-in into the television, but it is an attached sensor which sits in-between the viewer and screen which monitors the eye movements. The sensor will track the shift in gaze and blinks, and this would allow the user to point, zoom, select, scroll and navigate the menus and the features there in.




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