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World Event Diary – 2nd September 2012, Sunday

Opposition in Syria demands shutting down of international airlines

The armed opposition of Syria, Free Syrian Army, has warned the commercial airlines, and asked them to suspend their operations in Damascus and Aleppo within the next 72 hours on Saturday.

FSA argued that the criminal regime of Syria is now using civilian airports also, for take-off and landing of warplanes.

Even though the opposition is not expected to make any huge impact, but some airlines have suspended their operations ahead of the warning. These include the Etihad Airways of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Royal Jordanian Airlines.

139 aftershocks for Phillipines

A major offshore earthquake triggered a Tsunami warning on the Pacific Coast of Phillipines. The residents of the are had to run here and there for their lives, as thousands returned home on Saturday.

Most of the people had fled by the time waves started coming. About half a metre high waves hit the coastal areas within an hour of the 7.6-magnitude quake which striked offshore late on Friday. Around 132, 241 people evacuated the place and Phillipines was rocked by 139 aftershocks.




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