Anti Nuclear Rally Japan

World Event Diary – 27th August 2012, Monday


Tokyo witnessed Anti-Nuclear demonstrations

In an anti-nuclear rally, hundreds of anti-nuclear demonstrators marched in Tokyo on Sunday urging the Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to abandon the atomic energy programme.

Approximately 500 protesters, walked through the Shibuya shopping district, in an attempt to put pressure on the Premier as the last year’s Fukushima accident is still alive in people’s eyes. The representatives of the movement thus asked Mr.Noda to reverse hisdecision to restart two reactors.

Prime Minister of Hamas not invited to NAM

The Premier of Hamas has not been invited to the summit of Non-Aligned Movement leaders in Tehran.

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya has finally decided not to attend the summit, as also a website closely linked to Hamas appeared to confirm that he has not been invited by Iran.

Oil Refinery blast in Venezuela

A massive oil refinery explosion took place in Venezuela’s largest refinery on Saturday, which killed around 39 people and injured more than 80. After this tragic blast in South America’s biggest oil producing nation, thePresident Hugo Chavez has declared three days of national mourning.





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