World Event Diary – 26th September 2012, Wednesday

Apple lost the patent case against Samsung, Motorola

Apple’s claim that Motorola and Samsung infringed some of its multi-touch patents was dismissed by a German court. Apart from this, the iPhone maker has filed seperate legal claims against the Google owned Motorola and the Korean firm Samsung, over what are known as ‘touch event’ technologies. The German court brought both the cases together and issued a joint verdict, giving one month’s time to Apple for appealing against the discussion.

This is not the first time that Apple has also lost a case on the ‘touch event’ patent, as it also lost a case against Taiwanese mobile maker HTC in the U.K. over the same technology.

Genocide trial opens in Rwanda

In the first ever trial of the 1994 genocide, A Rwandan man denied all charges and pleaded not guilty. The public prosecutor has alleged that Sadi Bugingo took part in the killings of around 2,000 people. If found guilty, he will face a maximum sentence of 21 years in prison.

First aircraft carrier commissioned in China

On Tuesday, China has unveiled its first aircraft carrier, the 300 metre-long Liaoning, which is a refurbished and upgraded version of the Soviet carrier Varyag. China had purchased Varyag from Ukraine.

The Liaoning was commissioned by the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) in the port city of Dalian, the capital of north-eastern province after which the carrier is named. The carrier would serve scientific research purposes as well as defence military training, and reflects China’s increasing maritime ambitions.




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