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World Event Diary – 24th August 2012, Friday

Microsoft unveils its new logo

On Thursday, Microsoft unveiled a new corporate logo, which it said will “express the company’s diverse portfolio of products”. The logo has been updated for the first time in 25 years, as the tech giant is about to make a series of big launches in diverse fields. In this move, Microsoft is coming out with its first tablet computer, called Surface.

Google will take users to “Arctic Adventure” now

With the help of an Inuit community in the Canadian Tundra, Google’s Street View team arrived in the hamlet of Cambridge Bay on wednesday, which is one its most remote projects till date. Through this, Google will take its users of free online mapping service on an Arctic adventure. This mapping adventure trip required 11 months of preparation with the Nunavut (Canada’s northernmost territory, officially separated from the Northwest Territory in 1999) political leaders and elders in Cambridge Bay in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

According to a Google team member this project if focused to share the beauty of Canada’s Arctic and the culture of the Innuit people who live in there, with the global audience.

World’s heaviest book on display

“This is Mohammed”,  which has a Guinness World Record of being the heaviest book on the globe, is currently on display at a mall in Al Ain, the garden city near Abu Dhabi. After this, the book will also be displayed in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The book weighs 1,000 kg and was launched at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

This is Mohammed







NASA’s “Curiosity” noticed alien ships

NASA’s rover Curiosity has captured a strange white light dancing across the horizon of Mars and four blobs hovering in the sky. According to the UFO hunters claim, these are supposedly the alien ships which are monitoring humans’ baby steps into the universe.



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