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World Event Diary – 20th August 2012, Monday

Public transit information further simplified by Google

If you are in a major city, then you no longer need to be worried about the finding information on public transit, if you have a smartphone too. As per the latest announcement of Google, that its maps application has crossed the one-million mark . More than 500 cities across the globe are listed in its milion transit stops information, including the indian cities of Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.

The application is very easy to use, even though the information is in multiple layers as per the modes of transit available in cities. It will be a great help for people to find out which bus, train, subway or tram to take for their next destination.

Now, an App to tell your stress level

Now, your smartphone will better tell about your mood. StressSense, an app which can find out when you are most stressed, with the help of a software. This software can identify stress from your voice patterns and is first trained to recognise a person’s unstressed voice.

So for it to work, the users first need to relax and read a three-minute passage from a book into their phones. According to this saved pattern, it will identify any physiological changes being introduced by stress. It is pre-programmed for detecting such changes with the help of its knowledge bank and thus recogizing fast speaking rate, clipped frequency spectrum etc.

In order to make the app capable of  recording users’ activity and sleep levels using a phone’s accelerometers and Global Positioning System sensors. To achieve this, the researchers plan to make it a plug-in to an Android application called BeWell.

The app will be presented at the Ubicomp conference, scheduled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for next month.




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