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World Event Diary – 16th September 2012, Sunday

Google Inc. rejected White House’s request

Google Inc has rejected a White House request to reconsider its decision of keeping a YouTube film clip online that has ignited anti-American protests in the Middle East, on Friday.

Countries where Google has already blocked the video clip:

  • India, Indonesia
  • Egypt, Libya (blocked on Wednesday)
What in the video is igniting such protests?
It has derogatory depiction of Prophet Muhammad as informed by the protesters in the Middle East.
4 NATO troops killed
One Afghan police officer killed four international service members of NATO before escaping, as informed by the international military coalition, in Kabul, a few hours ago.
Taking the total toll to 51 international service members who have died at the hands of Afghan soldiers or policemen or insurgents wearing their uniforms, with around 12 such attacks in August alone.




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