Many warrior queens came to rule the hearts of people, whether it’s Lara Croft, Buffy’s, Disney princesses or the newest addition Supergirl. But the award for the most popular female fantasy heroine character goes to Wonder Woman. Who said it ? History and facts did. The way the beauty has been plastered on magazine covers, adorned and wore on T-shirts, portrayed on so many successful comics, dolls and figures of action, Wonder Woman is the ultimate heroine. She is a marvellous lady who is not only a beauty with brains but also has been an icon of feminism infused with empowerment since her fabulous inception in 1941.


Warner Brothers are coming up with another Wonder Woman portrayal, which is set to hit the theaters on 2nd June, 2017. The first official teaser was presented in the Comi-Con in San diego. The teaser cum trailer features many killer fight scenes and a sizzling actress Gal Gadot performing the badass action. Just the trailer has created a lot of hype and people are eagerly waiting for everything that the movie has to offer.


Well many of us already know that this Wonder Woman has been saving the innocent lives of the DC world’s citizens since.. I don’t know.. since before our grandfather’s birth ? But the character has been ruling the hearts of youngsters and comic lovers ever since it was authored.


While the identity of the creator of Wonder Woman was meant to be a secret in the beginning, it was later revealed mysteriously. An american psychologist who also happened to be a writer, William Moulton Marston, penned her first and brought her to existence in 1941.


Wonder Woman is among the founder members of Justice League. She is one of the most powerful defenders of mankind and is known for restoring peace and equality in times of struggle. Some theories say that she was a clay figure which the gods brought to life, while in recent years she is believed to be the daughter of Zeus and queen of Amazon Hippolyta. Because of this she is also considered an Amazon princess. Her character develops its context from the Greek Mythology. Amazons are the same which the ancient Greek history recognises. With an arsenal of advanced technology, Golden Lasso of truth, a tiara (serving as projectile), a pair of unbreakable bracelets and some advanced tech from Amazon, Wonder Woman becomes almost unbeatable. She is Princess Diana for the people of Amazon and Diana Prince is her secret identity on earth.



She has many wonderful powers which are admired by all her followers. They include super strength, flight, invulnerability, combat strategies and skills, superhuman agility, magic weaponry and last but not the least healing factor. The last factor is really handy to her as she is a military nurse, while pretending humanity.


Wonder Woman is very powerful and strong willed. She never gives up from a fight or challenge.She is the only Justice League member who can be simultaneously both the most fierce and nurturing. With a lot of combat practices throughout her life, she can defeat almost all villains or heroes. She has been associated with a lot of names like “Great Aphrodite”, “Merciful Minerva”, “Great Hera”, etc. Her feeling of compassion is considered both as her strength and weakness.

This new movie is set to redefine this all time favourite. More and more recognition is been provided to the character and those who have been unaware of this demigoddess will know her importance in the league of DC superheroes. Further with the release of Justice League in 2019 will strengthen the presence and epicness of Wonder Woman in the worlds of superheroes whether it is Marvel or DC.



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