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The future of IoT in India

India has evolved as a hub of information technology. We have risen to be the best when it comes to digitization. Internet of things refers to the art of communicating with the everyday objects. This has been made possible by connecting these objects to a network, enabling the sending and receiving of information. Internet of things can transform the way we think, the way we live and the way we perform. One of the instances where the IoT can be of use is, on a hot summer day you come out of your office and head towards home, you can signal your air conditioner to start conditioning (if it is on network), so that by the time you reach home your room is already cool and comfy. Well the benefits of this technology are so deep and long termed that at this instant we will never truly understand how much we can achieve exactly on its successful implementation. But it has the energy to redefine our present into some sci-fi movie types future.

But the question we will address now is that how our country is contributing towards this technology. How much have we advanced our intelligent systems to create mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people which can transfer information among themselves and communicate their statuses, aiding in the preparation of systems that are dependent on any one of the above devices. So lets focus on the role of our nation here.

India has been very active when it concerns with IoT. A lot of innovation has been happening around Internet of Things in the country. This ecosystem in the country involves three key players:


The government has commenced its work by initializing a draft which focuses on developing digital, controlled and smart systems which fulfill the country’s requirements. An IoT industry of US dollar 15 billion is set to be developed by the end of 2020 by the government. The key initiatives in this will be the smart cities which would include:

  • Intelligent transport
  • Tele-care
  • Women Safety
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart grids
  • Smart lighting
  • Waste management
  • Smart city maintenance
  • Water Management

Smart phone with Internet of things (IoT) word and objects icon

An incubator will be setup to promote IoT innovation in many other areas like smart water, smart environment and smart health. Centre of Excellence on Internet of Things has been formed by the government to promote, grow and nurture the IoT ecosystem.


IoT has the power to transform the way a company functions when they get hold on its full fledged technology. According to statistics one-fifth of the companies even today use IoT to increse its production and reduce costs. The reason for this deployment is that IoT offers better controls to a company’s logistics. It has enabled the customers use near real time tracking equipments and get updated about the products they have been paying for.

Some of the companies that have been significant in the development and deployment of IoT are:

  • Intel It has been a leading producer of small low power chips which are connected with the IoT devices.
  • Volkswagen They have formulated an SAP system which is helpful in keeping track of the devices.
  • Hero MotoCorp This company through the usage of IoT keeps tabs of its vehicles round the corner so they can connect to its dealers anytime as required.
  • Bharti Infratel Live monitoring of the passive infrastructure of IoT has been made possible by this company.


Above are few of the many companies which have been working in this technology development and delivery.


Startups have been one of the cruicial drivers in the Indian involvement of IoT. Startups like IotBlr and Iot Hackday are conducting meets, conferences, Hackathons, DIY sessions to help grow and spread awareness about IoT.

The synergic efforts of the government, industry and startups has evolved our country to be among the best in this field. The days of being the catchers in the race of technology are over and now India is proudly a forerunner in the development and deployment of tech like IoT and Big Data. Listed below are some startups that have significantly contributed in IoT technology.



  • SenzIT This is a startup working with IBM which works towards transforming a courtroom by recording the whole verdict of a case from the beginning. This would compare the true case with what has been displayed on media to ensure transparency.
  • Algo Engines Operational intelligence to wind mills, generators and other mechanical devices have been delivered by this company.
  • Azoi Although it is registered in USA, Azoi is an Indian startup which have been fiddling with futuristic tech like gesture recognition until they invented their best product Wello. This product records a human being’s vitals and sends it to an app where it can be compared with normal rates helping people to monitor their health.



Indian companies are giving IoT a desi touch which have localised and generalised this technology not only for India but round the the world.

Internet of Things thus also develops itself as a game changer in how we do our everyday tasks. As exemplified before it could completely cut off the direct human to machine manual int
eraction by sending and receiving of commands through chips. In future every device will be connected with a chip which will work with the chip fit in our minds (Yupp thats possible). Certain nervous strains can signal other devices to work accordingly thus making a person master of everything.


With every passing second technologists in the country are getting closer to this dream which isn’t just a prediction now, but a technology which is waiting to be harnessed.



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