World's first smartphone - IBM Simon

The first ever smartphone turns 20 – IBM Simon

The IBM Simon mobile phone, which is the world’s first smartphone celebrated its 20th anniversary this Saturday. This phone was developed by IBM and BelSelf, priced at $900, it went on sale in 1994.

Few interesting facts about the World’s first ever smartphone:

  • It had a battery life of just about one hour – Can you really imagine your battery dying in an hour’s time today?
  • House brick? Yes, the phone was 23 cm long with a weight of 0.5 kg, and absolutely just half the size of a house brick!!
  • Don’t underestimate the mobile phone knowing its size and weight!!! It had a perfect Touch Screen technology with its green LCD display.  Simon_smartphone
  • Even though clumsy in looks, it could do all the possible things you could think of. Just almost anything you wanted, and this is the reason it was named “Simon” which signifies “Simple”
  • Features it supported:
    • You can write notes, and you can draw as well!
    • You can update your calendar, contacts, send and receive fax and calls
    • Amazingly it also had a slot in the bottom to insert different applications such as mapping apps, spreadsheets, and games.

IBM Simon turned 20, world's first smartphone

Developed by the American Cellular Company, it sold over 50000 handsets, thus making us believe that this smartphone was a forerunner to the Apple’s iPhone. Even though the iPhone changed the game altogether, but according to all the press reports including Irish Times, this smartphone was smart enough to do anything you wanted to. And thus, take the entire credit of being the world’s first ever smartphone.



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