Powerful Robots will better our Future With the enhancements and advancements in the technology field, Robots are doing amazing things which looks beneficial to humanity. Intelligent machine which perform task according to the human commands called Robots that plays the beautiful role in our life from entertainment to responsible job. You are surprised with the extra-ordinary activities of futuristic Robots in next generation, which we rounded up in this article. We have include 3D printed spider robots, Robot guide Dog and flying cybrog bugs in our next generation robots list-     3D printed Robot Spider A big team of … Continue reading FUTURE ROBOTIC MODELS

Now coming up – Windows 8.1, An upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8

Now, the multinational software giant Microsoft releases a major upgrade to the current Windows 8. Even though Microsoft releases new system updates every day, but this marks a major breakthrough. After the enticing Windows 8 OS, Microsoft revealed a new Windows 8.1 (formerly known as Windows Blue) which is a comprehensive update to Windows 8. A full specification of features has been released in the launch of Windows 8.1 at Microsoft Build developer conference in San Francisco. Users will be able to download the free version of this Windows with the name of Windows 8 update and preview is now available … Continue reading Now coming up – Windows 8.1, An upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8