Supreme court says - dowry laws being misused, stop automatic arrests

Supreme Court says anti-dowry laws being misused by wives – sparking controversy

“Dowry laws are misused now: stop automatic arrests” a recent statement by the apex court of the country has sparked bitter controversy all over India. Are really dowry laws being misused or whether they are actually implemented or not is a big question mark for our society.

What is this recent decision all about?

The recent decision of the Supreme Court bans the arrest of a person directly without investigation made by police in anti-dowry law. This has put the Section 498-A of the IPC in swing, which was commenced with the objective to fight the nuisance of pestering to a woman at the hands of her spouse and his relatives. The custom of dowry is nowhere declining, its in fact just increasing day by day. On daily basis we come across the newspaper headlines that girls are harassed, burnt and killed for dowry.

Supreme court says - dowry laws being misused, stop automatic arrests

But, On the other side some women are misusing this law against the husband and in-laws by filing fake complaints. Will it be judicious that just one complaint from a wife or her family member can put her husband and his entire family in jail without any investigation? The decision of Supreme Court has opened a big debate for the society and for law makers.


Marriages are made in heaven. This is the bond of purity that is acceptable by society in every part of world. Marriage is a liturgy of union or legal contract between a man and a woman that creates rights and responsibility between them, among them and their children, and involving them and their in-laws. Generally in Indian society after marriage the girl has to leave his parental house and had to go to his in-law’s house. When the girl leaves the house parents with their own wish use to give their daughter and son-in-law gifts as per their wishes.

But gradually this custom of giving gift was made mandatory on part of girl’s parents. The gift brought by girl from his parents was named as dowry. As this practice became mandatory the parents who were poor were also forced to give dowry to their daughters.

Slowly the greed of dowry created problem for the girls and their parents while marriage and after marriage also. As the girls from poor family are unable to fulfill their demands they are tortured, burnt, harassed and even killed in many cases. Dowry has become major social evil of our country. And this should not be acceptable by any civilized society, and every effort is made by our government to eradicate this evil. People demanding and giving dowry should be punished in a way that others should get a lesson.

But very often the laws which are made for women’s safety are being misused by some deceitful wives to cause chaos on husband and family when some of their demands are not fulfilled. With the conclusion we should remember that every coin has two sides.

Everything has its own pros and cons. Laws are made for protection of human rights.

But some immoral people are misusing them for their own benefits. This also creates hindrance for the people who are genuinely facing the problems and struggling for justice.



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