Rumour-A Tempting Trap

Rumour spreads as something that can be true or invented , but is interesting for sure. For majority of instances , a rumour tends to be false. This is how some miscreants take advantage of others by fooling or by provoking them . Why do they do so? This conventionally happens when people want to procure their own selfish motives or to play mischievous or to derive pleasure, etc. They hinder the development of people and the state. Information, often a mixture of truth and untruth, passed around verbally is called a rumour. A rumour is articulation of such activities where people want to create disturbance, hurdle, hysteria, anxiety, in mind of people. Rumours are not always repugnant. But negative rumours put blundering affect on society.

Imagine while travelling in a bus or a train, when suddenly you here that a bomb is ticking in your compartment . What do you do? What will be your reaction? Without thinking much , you would want to be out of the bus or the train. The same will be the reaction of others and this will create haphazardness among the people. The incidence of Karnataka where pungent messages were sent through SMS and MMS,E-mails ,and posting on social media sites like facebook and twitter caused panic and qualm among the people. These SMS, MMS, E-Mails were sent to the North-Eastern inhabitants of Karnataka who far from their land had come for earning a modest livelihood . The rumour was about the violence targeting the North East people. Soon after the rumour spread ,people started feeling insecure and started boarding the trains to Guwahati. Due to the surge in no. bookings ,trains could not afford to accommodate the escalating number of people who had gathered with their luggage to leave the city. The serene environment was gradually converted into turbulent surrounding.

Following this, government took immediate steps for the protection and safety of the people and assured their safety. Police started patrolling in localities populated with North- East people .Home minister levied a ban on sending bulk SMSes and MMSes for 15 days.

Karnataka chief minister Jagdish Shettar ordered for an inquiry into the mongering rumours. As a result, five people have been arrested and four other identified for spreading rumours. Directions were given to Intelligence Bureau, state police, to monitor websites, social media closely.

What can be done by common mass as citizens, during such situations? People should think calmly and try to co-operate wit the government. They should stay calm and let rumours run its course as they don’t’ have long life. People should be mature enough to stop the rumour on its track. Not sharing the rumours with others to stop its dissemination, can be one of the methods to start with so as to stop society from getting further annihilated by the ever-mounting loom of rumour.




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