ROBIN SHARMA – the award winning writer

The writer of award winning novel “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” is a Canadian writer, leadership expert, speaker and former Litigation Lawyer. He writes inspirationational and leadership books. He receives a lot of letters from his readers, mostly professionals who found the peace of their life following the path that he guided. Every line that he writes seems like a quote to me! Inspiring people, guiding the lost, training the leaders, all he does it so well that he’s the winner of Golden Gavel award by Toastmasters International in 2011, ranked 7th in top 10 Leadership Gurus in the World and Top 25 Influencers in the World (source: SUCCESS Magazine). He was born in India and received his LLB from Schulich School of Law in Dalhousie University. Being the founder of business training firm called Sharma Leadership International Inc. located in Toronto, Canada; he’s a leadership expert whose work is focused on developing life quality of every employee regardless of his position. His “Lead without a Title” methodology is famous worldwide. He also conducts workshops at far flung places like Bogota, Moscow, Shanghai and Paris and runs an annual event called The Titan Summit that features a faculty and other top global thought leaders. He’s also the author of books like Who Will Cry When You Die, The Leader Who Had No Title, The Greatness Guide, The Saint, The Surfer, and The CEO. And he is also an inspiration and idol for many of his readers.