Ramzan fasting banned by China in Xinjiang region

Ramzan fasting banned in Xinjiang, China

In a recent decision by the Chinese government, it has ordered schools and the government offices in the north west region of Xinjiang to ban the Ramzan fasting. The government has issued the orders through websites of schools and government agencies to ban fasting during the ongoing holy month of Ramzan. One of the statements on the website of Turfan City’s affairs bureau said “Civil servants and students cannot take part in fasting and other religious activities”. 

But, what is the reason behind banning fast?

The local government of the region believes that this month long fasting can hurt the health of their employees. Also, such large prayer meetings and gatherings are being discouraged by the Chinese Communist Party and the local government, as they fear that it could lead to separatism.

Ramzan fasting banned by China in Xinjiang region

What’s the view of World Uyghur Congress?

It has clearly stated that “China taking these kinds of coercive measures, restricting the faith of Uighurs, will create more conflict, We call on China to ensure religious freedom for Uighurs and stop political repression of Ramzan.”

As informed by the Uyghur Congress spokesperson Dilxat Raxit.



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