Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ smashes all box office records

The much awaited Rajinikanth’s next big project was movie Kabali. The die hard fans of Rajni Kanth have been eagerly waiting for this movie as they knew this wouldn’t be another tried and tested show of the superstar which was clear from the trailers. The previous movies of the superstar have been a little disappointment for his fans. His previous biggie Linga didn’t please his lovers much, although it did fine because it had their God a.k.a. Rajnikanth in it. In Linga Rajini tried to voo his legions of fans through unconvincing romance, comedy and action, which didn’t leave a strong impact on his followers. Now with Kabali Rajini makes a ‘payback’/’comeback’ for his fans. Will this movie be enough to drag his lovers back in the theaters or will it just be another drag in itself ? Lets check it out.


Kabali short for the name of Rajini’s character in the movie Kabaleeswaran, is a Messiah for the Tamil workers in Malaysia. He puts up strong voices for their upliftment through primary rights and optimum daily wages. His influential personality and following among the people becomes the reason for sleepless nights for some. Jealousy starts to fuel in these people. Veera played by Kishore, is among the ones who dislike Kabali’s rise among the masses. He plots ways to dethrone Kabali and his gang from the crown of fame and admiration. He gets successful in turning an ally of Kabali against him. After this a lot of violence follows in which vicious plotting is done and somehow Kabali is convicted of some crimes because of which he ends up in jail.

After two and a half decade in prison, Kabali is released, after which he tries to search his wife Kumudhavalli played by Radhika Apte, who was pregnant when they were separated. When he seeks the help of his old gang including Ameer played by John Vijay and Jeeva played by Dinesh, they are more than excited to help him. Also the son of the aide who backstabbed Kabali is ready to help him, though he is confused. While in his absence Veera has been in full swing, ruling the town. He has allied with Tony played by Winston Chao, who is a dangerous gangster and Veera has made an empire of his own. Will Kabali find his wife ? Will he provide justice to himself and the workers in need ?


Rajinikanth carries the whole movie on his shoulders. Though other actors deliver notable performances, it’s Rajini who outshines. He has been portrayed in a very classic and dapper avatar. The film is watchable due to huge screen presence and action sequences of Rajni. Radhika opposite him, justifies her character beautifully and their chemistry is convincing. Yogi played by Dhansikaa is a treat for the viewers. Her fight scenes look very authentic and well pictured. Though the climax of the movie is not that of a typical Rajini movie. Just when Thalaivar finishes the bad boys in style, an unconventional twist follows. Expectations of fresh script and direction style should be kept aside before watching the movie. The flashback sequences lack evenness and get boring. The songs are soothing on screen, the stunt scenes and action sequences are also intelligently choreographed by Anbarivu and awesomely performed by Rajini. Adrenaline rush is sure in some scenes and an emotional scene works in favour of the movie. Though a tighter screenplay would have made the film better, it is a one time watch for all those who love Thalaivar Rajni. Nothing less, nothing more !



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