Official and National Languages of African Countries

Africa Map

Country Official and National Language of African Countries
Algeria Arabic, Berber languages, four dialects French (by constitutional amendment)
Angola Portuguese
Benin French
Botswana Setswana (naitonal language) English is the official language.
Burkina Faso French
Burundi Kirundi, French
Cameroon English, French
Cape Verde Portuguese
Centra l African Republic French, Sangho (lingua franca and national language)
Chad French, Arabic
Comoros Arabic, French
Democratic Republic of the congo French
Cote d’lvoire French
Djibouti French, Arabic
Egypt Arabic
Equatorial Spanish, French
Eritrea Tigrinya, Arabic, Ebglish
Ethopia Amharic
Gabon French
Gambia,The English
Ghana English
Guinea French
Guinea-Bissau Portuguese
Kenya English,Kiswahili
Lesotho Sesotho (southern Sotho) English
Liberia English 20%
Madagascar French,Malagasy
Malawi English,Nyanja
Mali French
Mauritania Arabic
Mauritius English, French
Morocco Arabic
Mozambique Portuguese
Namibia English 7%
Niger French
Nigeria English
Reunion French
Rwanda Rwanda (Kinyarwanda, Bantu vernacular) French, English
Saint Helena English
Sao tome and Principe Portuguese
Senegal French
Seychelles English French
Sierra Leone English
Somalia Somali
South Africa 11 official languages including Afrikaans, English,isiNdebele,Pedi, Sesotho, siSwati, Xitsonga,Tswana,Tshivenda,isiXhosa, isiZulu
Sudan/South Sudan Arabic
Swaziland English, siSwati
Tanzania, United Republic of Kishwahili, Kiunguju,English
Tongo Fremch
Tunisia Arabic
Uganda English
Zambia English
Zimbabwe English



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