Officers of British India

  1. First governor of Bengal was Lord Clive (1757-60)
  2. Last governor of Bengal was Warren Hastings (1772-74)
  3. First Governor General of Bengal was Warren Hastings (1774-85).
  4. First Governor General of India was Lord William Bentic (1833-85).
  5. Last Governor General and Viceroy of India was Lord Canning (1856-62).
  6. First President of Indian National congress was W.C.  Banerjee.
  7. First Indian Governor General of independent India was C.Rajgopalachari (21/06/1948-25/1/1950)
  8. First Indian to pass ICS was Surendra Nath Banerjee.
  9. First Indian I.C.S. Officer was Satyendra Nath Tagore.
  10. First governor General of India after Independence was Lord Louis Mountbatten (15/08/1947-20/06/1948)




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