Britons can now work from home - flexible work hours as per new rules

New rules to let Britons work from home – flexible work hours now

Its the time for enjoyment for millions of employees in the United Kingdom, as they will now have flexible working hours. This also includes work from home, in effect from this Monday, this will definitely result in a happier work force.

According to the democrat minister – “Employers have found that this leads to workers being much more motivated, productive and less likely to leave. So that cuts down their staff recruitment costs. It really can be a win-win situation”.

According to Swinson, the new rules would include:

  • Compressed hours, where individuals do five days’ work in four
  • Staggered hours to avoid the stresses of rush hour
  • Working from home

Britons can now work from home - flexible work hours as per new rules

The new rules are expected to boost the economy with more efficiency in work and more productivity contribution to the UK economy. As per the employment relations minister Jo Swinson, the new rules are applicable to almost 20 million employees across the country. The employers will be obliged to consider the requests by the employees for flexible work hours or work from home, reasonably so the workforce can take advantage of the changes. Until now, only 10 million employees were entitled for this request, mainly those who are parents or have other caring duties.

Swinson said in an interview¬†to The Independent that: “Sometimes, because this has been a right to request that only parents have had, that can create, in some work places, a bit of tension when parents get special treatment.”¬†



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