National Emblems of Various Countries


Countries Symbol / Emblem Picture
Australia Kangaroo  
Barbados Head of Trident  
Canada White Lily  
Denmark Beach  
France Lily  
Guyana Canje Pheasant  
India Lioned Capital  
Ireland Shamrock  
Italy White Lily  
Japan Chrysanthemum  
Luxembourg Lion with Crown  
Norway Lion  
Papua New guinea Bird of paradise  
Senegal Bhobab Tree  
Sri Lanka Lion  
Syria Eagle  
U.K. Rose  
Bangladesh Water Lily  
Belgium Lion  
Chile Candor and Huemul  
Dominica Sisserou Parrot  
Germany Corn Flower  
Hong kong Bauhinia  
Iran Rose  
Isarel Candelabrum  
Ivory Coast Elephant  
Lebanon Cedar tree  
Mongolia The Soyombo  
New Zealand Sothern Cross, Kiwi  
Pakistan Crescent  
Spain Eagle  
Sierra leone Lion  
Sudan Secretary Bird  
Turkey Crescent and Star  
USA Golden rod  



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