Meet India’s first woman commando trainer: Dr. Seema Rao

Stories of inspiration have been influential in the lives of its listeners. All of us want to rise like those we read and learn. But there are a very few among us who become one of a kind. Who have the power to inspire generations and are the first doers of an act. Dr. Seema Rao has become one such inspiration for the masses.

The real life Wonder Woman is the only female trainer commando of the country. She has been providing training without any compensation, since twenty years. She has 7th degree of martial arts and is a black belt holder. An instructor in combat and shooting, a scuba-diver, a firefighter, an HMI medalist in rock climbing and if you think she is hardcore then you should know that she has been a finalist in Mrs. India World..!


Listed below are some of the wonderful things and achievements that Seema Rao has up her sleeves till now and we are positive that a lot more is on her way.

  • She is a master of Jeet Kune Do which is a rigorous form of martial arts (founded by Bruce Lee in 1967). A very rare number of people in the world fall under this category. Not only this, she is also authorized to teach the same.seema-rao-indian-army-training
  • She has a certified degree of being a doctor in medicine. She also has a Masters degree(MBA) in Crisis Management.
  • She has co-authored many commando training and martial arts books. Because of her huge experience in these trainings, authors demand her articles and stories to be used as instances in their training books. From Close Combat Ops training books, to tackle intense real life situations and books focusing on terrorism like A Comprehensive Analysis of World Terrorism to the Commando Manual of Unarmed Combat, her books have been made available at FBI, Interpol and all the top notch defence organisations of the world.
  • She has been awarded with World Peace Award by World Peace Congress in Malaysia, three Army Chief Citations, Volunteer Service Award of US President and Letter of Commendation in 2009 of Home Minister of India for the selfless acts of National Service.
  • She is also a film producer. She has acted in her own home production Hathapayi, which is around a female protagonist. The first Indian movie showcasing Jeet Kune Do.


Never give up attitude

Even after a lot of money issues, she never charged for the training she provided. Travelling to risky areas and difficult work commitments led to her absence in her father’s funeral. From being shot by insurgents to a vertebral fracture, she always stood high.

She even lost her memory for a short while due to a head injury. However after regaining it, she was back to normal. In a world where girls are considered burdens in family, leading to their abandonment and deaths, Seema Rao and her family is an inspiration. She and her husband adopted a girl instead of choosing a normal childbirth.

Seema Rao is a true inspiration to the world, not only the country. In a country of so many women crimes, if women are inspired even a bit from this woman, it’s a few steps in achieving women protection. All of us could be strong enough to fight the devils, whether they are present outside or inside us.



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