Knowledge Diary – 6th September 2012, Thursday


  1. Google will be providing voice–guided  directions, with google maps navigation.
  2. ENCODE project is ENCyclopedia of DNA Elements.
  3. Full Form of PACG is Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma.
  4. Full form of GWAS is Genome-wide association study.
  5. Full Form of SPTF is Special Purpose Tea Fund.
  6. World Bank named Kaushik Basu as the institution’s new chief economist and senior Vice-President.
  7. Nokia launched Lumia 920.
  8. Siddhanth Thingalaya Indian Athlete  marked an Indian Record on 18 June 2012 at Belgium Athletics National Championship in Brussels.
  9.  A close supporter of US President Barack Obama,  Smita Shah  became the first person from Indian-American origin to serve as a parliamentarian for Democratic National Convention on 6 September 2012.
  10.  On 29 May 2012 Pakistan successfully test-fired a short-range Hatf 9 (Nasr) missile.
  11.  On 29 May 2012 Rahul Bhattacharya  won the prestigious Ondaatje Prize 2012.
  12.  Rahul Bhattacharyawon the Ondaatje Prize   for his book  The Sly Company of People Who Care.
  13. Rahul Bhattacharya  is the first Indian author to have received the award.
  14. On 2 May 2011  Shakeel Afridi, the man behind the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abottabad in Pakistan sentenced to 33 years imprisonment under the colonial vintage Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) on 23 May 2012.
  15. On 28 May 2012 India’s third largest private sector lender Axis Bank signed an agreement with Ahli United Bank B.S.C., Bahrain for remitting money from Bahrain to any person in India.
  16. National Academy of Sciences  had revealed that the Harappan civilization, 4000 years ago, was collapsed due to the climate change.
  17. Tripura Industrial Development Corporation (TIDC) announced to set up North-East India’s fifth Software Technology Park in Tripura.
  18. 350 year old puzzle was cracked by Shouryya Ray a 16-year-old Indian-origin student from Germany on 26 May 2012.Shouryya Ray
  19. On 24 May 2012 Akash missile was successfully tested by India, the indigenously built Akash missile from the DRDO’s (Defence Research Development Organisation) Interim Test Range (ITR), at Chandipur in Balasore district of north Odisha.
  20. On 23 May 2012GAIL (India) Limited inked the gas sale and purchase agreemen,t (GSPA) with TurkmenGaz, Turkmenistan’s national oil company, for the 7.6-billion TAPI project.





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