Knowledge Diary – 3rd July 2013, Wednesday

  • Narender Modi’s internet campaign for next general election: For the next election, Narender Modi has enlisted India’s original dotcom poster boys Rajesh Jain and BG Mahesh to drive his social media campaign.
  •  Finger Prints may soon be compulsory to get SIM cards:  Government is mulling over this decision for cellphone service providers to take fingerprints or any other biometric verification of subscribers.
Scanning of a fingerprint to be necessary for buying sim cards
Scanning of a fingerprint to be necessary for buying sim cards
  • 68% of milk does not meet food norms: Common nutritional supplement milk you take may not be all that nutritious as an overwhelming majority of samples of milk supplied across the country failed to meet the food norms.
  • Foreign minister Salman Khushid said New Delhi supported Dialogue with all sections of Afghan society and armed opposition groups “including Taliban”.
  • Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi refuses to meet Andhra Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy to discuss on Rs. 80,000-crore financial package for Telangna.
  • Google recommended to stop ads for illegal products:  Nebraska and Oklahoma joined Mississippi in pressuring Google to crack down on internet advertisements for drugs which are sold without a prescription, and other counterfeit products.
  • Rupee falls down by 37 paise:  At the Interbank Foreign Exchange market, the rupee today fell by 37 paise to again slip below the 60 mark to 60.03 in early, on heavy dollar demand tracking strengthening of the US currency overseas.
  • Siri patent infringement:  A case against US technology giant Apple brought by a Chinese firm for alleged patent infringement in its digital personal assistant Siri has begun in a Shanghai court.
  • Bolivian president’s plane diverts in Europe: The plane carrying Bolivian President Evo Morales was rerouted to Austria after France and Portugal refuses to let it cross the airspace due to the suspicious Edward Snowden on the board.
  • Yahoo will buy mobile apps company Qwiki: To increase its presence in world of Smart phone and tablets, Yahoo decided to buy Qwiki (Mobile apps Company).



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