Knowledge Diary – 25th August 2012, Saturday

  1. Pre Historic rock shelter has been found in the hillocks of Chilltivalsa village in Srikakulam district by a freelance archaeologist K.Venkateswara Rao.
  2. Sonia Gandhi is sixth in Forbes list of 100 most powerful women.
  3. Angela Merkel German Chancellor tops the Forbes list.
  4. Sruthi Vijayachandran, a post gradute student from Tamil nadu has been awarded a scholarship to study at London School of Business Finance after being awarded the first prize in the final of best Young Speaker from Asia.
  5. Full form of ESOL English for Speakers of Other Language Examination.
  6. Pratip Chaudhari chairman of State Bank of India.
  7. Jaipal reddy is the Union Petroleum and Natural Gas minister.
  8. Full Form of CCEA is Cabinet committee on Economic Affairs
  9. Full form of NELP is New Exploration Licensing policy.
  10. Pen is symbol of Culture and Civilization.
  11. Lotus is Symbol of Culture And Civiliztion.
  12. Red Cross is symbol of Medical Aid and Hospital.
  13. Red Flag is symbol of Revolution, also sign of danger.
  14. Black flag is the symbol of Protest
  15. Yellow flag is shown on ships or vehicales carrying patients suffering from infectious diseases.
  16. Flag flown upside down is symbol of distress
  17. Flag flown at half mast is symbol of National Mourning.
  18. White flag symbol of truce.
  19. Red triangle symbol of family planning.
  20. Pegion or dove symbol of peace.
  21. Black strip on fore arms symbol of mourning or protest.
  22. Wheel is symbol of progress.
  23. Olive branch symbol of peace.
  24. Union jack national flag of U.K.

  25. Stars and stripes national Flag of U.S.A.




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