Knowledge Diary – 23rd August 2012, Thursday

  1. Theophrastus is known as father of Botany.
    Theophrastus - Father of Botany
  2. Aristotle is known as father of Zoology as well as Biology.
    Aristotle - Father of Zoology and Biology
  3. Robert Hook first coined the term “cell” in the year 1665.
    Robert Hook
  4. Mycoplasma gallisepticum is the smallest cell.
  5. Neuron is the longest cell.
  6. Egg of Ostrich is the biggest cell.
  7. “Cell theory” was established in 1838-39 by Schilden and Schwan.
  8. In Prokaryotes cell Nucleus is absent.
  9. In Eurkaryotes cell nucleus is present.
  10. Prokaryotes contain single chromosome which is circular in shape.
  11. Eurkaryotes cell contains more than one chromosome.
  12. Cell division in Eurkaryotes cell take place by mitosis and meiosis.
  13. Cell division in prokaryotes cell take place by fission or budding.
  14. Cell membrane is also known as Plasma membrane which form the outer covering of animal cell.
  15. The name “protoplasm” is given by Purkenje in 1839.
  16. Mitochondria were discovered by Altman in the year 1886.
  17. Mitochondrion is also known as “Power House” of cell.
  18.  Scientist Camilo Golgi discovered “Golgi bodies”.
  19. Palade discovered Ribosome.
  20. De Duve discovered Lysosome.
  21. Boveri discovered Centrosome.
  22. Chloroplasts are known as ‘Kitchen of the cell’.
  23. Full Form of DNA is Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid.
  24. Nucleus is known as “Control Room” of cell.
  25. Chromatin transmits hereditary characters from parents to their offspring.
  26. Bead like structure found on chromosome is called Gene.
  27. The set of unpaired chromosome is called Haploid.
  28. Frederic Meischer was the first who isolated DNA from the nucleus of pus cells.
  29. Watson and Crick give the structural model of DNA.
  30. Full form of RNA is Ribonucleic Acid.




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