Knowledge Diary – 20th September 2012, Thursday

  1. Full Form of RNTCP is Revised National TB control Programme.
  2. Full Form of MDR is Multidrug Resistant.
  3. India has the second higest burden of MDR-TB in the world and this accounts for about one-fifth of the global burden.
  4. “Baxter”  a humanoid robot with common sense, which is desigened to work safely alongside its human co-worker on factory production lines, was recently unveiled in the US.
    Baxter Robot
  5. Aedes aegypti, the mosquito to that is principally responsible for spreading the virus that cause dengue, has proved adept at making use of human habitation.
  6. HCL unveils the Ultrasmart ME Series 3074, powered by third generation Intel Core 13 processors.
  7. President of France is Francois Hollande.
  8. India Successfully tested surface to surface  Agni-IV missile for its “full range of 4,000 Km.”
  9. Agni IV is 20 meteres long and 17 tonnes in weights.
  10. V.K. Saraswat is the Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister and DRDO Director General.
  11. President of Sri Lanka is Mahinda Rajapaksa.
  12. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is  Jayalalitha.
  13. Sarwswati Samman of Rs 7.5 lakh was given to Tamil writer Dr. A. A Manavalan for his book Ramayan.
  14. The Dasrajan war is also known as ‘The Battle of Ten Kings’.
  15. Sikandar Lodhi was the Bahlol Lodhi who conquered West Bengal and Bihar.
  16. The first example of true or voussoired arch is said to be the tomb of Ghiyasuddin Balban in Mehrauli (Delhi).
  17. Jupiter is the largest planet of the Solar System.
  18. The upper layer of the earth crust which is capable of supporting life is called Lithosphere.
  19. The Atlantic ocean has the longest coastline.
  20. Cyclical unemployment is the result of depression in an economy.




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