Knowledge Diary – 17th September 2012, Monday

1. Full Form of WCIT is World Conference on International Telecommunications.
2. The 9th World Hindi Conference is being organised in Johannesburg, South Arica.
3. Full Form of CSR is Coperate Social Responsibility.
4. The main theme of TRANSED 2012 is “Seamless Access for All: Universal design for transport systems and infrastructure as a key element in the creation of liveable cities.”
5. For making the payment of the bookings via mobile phones ,The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited introduced the Interbank Mobile Payment System (IMPS).
6. On 13 September 2012, The boxing Champion, Muhammad Ali who retired from the game in the year 1981 was honored with Liberty Medal in Philadelphia.
7. On 14 September 2012, student of Kazakhstan’s Turan University Farida Malik a girl of Indian Kazakh origin won the title of Miss Almaty 2012.
8. New Zealand pacer Daryl Tuffey announced his retirement from both international and domestic cricket .
9. On 13 September 2012 at Chennai, A.M. Govindarasu (A.M. Gopu), the veteran communist leader and the Freedom Fighter passed away.
10. HERTZ is a unit of frequency, abbreviated as Hz.
11. Computer virus is man made digital parasite, which corrupts the file and is also known as ‘File Corrupter’.
12. Lymph helps in healing the wounds.
13. First Factory of Cotton Textile in India was established in India was in 1818 at Ghughari near Kolkata, which failed.Cotton Textile Factory India

14. The second Five year plan was based on the P.C. Mahalanobis model.
15. Part IX of the constitution envisages a three tier system of Panchayats.
16. The water clock, abacus and umbrella were invented by Chinese.
17. The earliest Chienese civilization is the Shang Civiliztion.
18. In geometry, the Mesopotamians had discovered what was later called the Pythagoras theorem.
19. Ibrahaim Adil Shah, the greatest ruler of Adil shai dynasty, introduced Dakhini in place of Persian as court language.
20. Gol gumbaj was built by Muhammad Adil Shah.



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