Knowledge Diary – 13th August 2013, Tuesday

  • Mercedes catches the top spot in Indian car market: Before 3 years Mercedes was the top most luxury car in India, but it lost this tag in last 3 years as it lagged behind the rivals Audi and BMW. And now once again Mercedes has gained the top spot in the country. 

    Mercedes - Now, the top most luxury car in India
    Mercedes – Now, the top most luxury car in India
  • LoC flare up spreading menace among residents in J&K– Still there is no peace in Jammu and Kashmir as Raja Zaffar expected another bumper walnut crop before exchange of fire along the Line of Control (LoC)
  • Onion prices cross the limits, selling at up to 80 per kg- Due to heavy monsoon showers, onions touching an unbelievable high retail rate of Rs 80 per kg in some parts of Delhi
  • Blackberry: Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry has set up a committee to explore strategic alternatives comprised of joint ventures, partnerships or sale of the company.
  • Indians to be the king makers in UK elections– According to the sources, Indians might be the king makers in the next general elections in UK scheduled for 2015.
  • Payment gateway giant PayPal keen on collaboration – Online financial transactions titan PayPal says it is keen to collaborate with others to endeavors for a cash-free future.
  • Amazon India extends with PC and accessories store –, an affiliate of global retail giant, today introduced computers and accessories store for customers in India.
  • Alluding denial of assistance from US authorities, Delhi court said that the proceedings against Facebook and Google are “stayed”. This was related to the complaint case which accused them of promoting class antagonism and undermining national integrity.
  • Stem cell technique may provide the cure to cancer– A new stem cell technique developed by scientists teams provides the way to quicker treatment for cancer and reduces the dependency on chemotherapy




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