Knowledge Diary – 12th September 2012, Wednesday


  1. Delhi government has imposed a ban on plastic bags: on manufacture, sale, storage and use of plastic bags in the city.
  2. Palesntine National Authority President: Mahmoud Abbas.
  3. Auroville Festival will be held in Dellhi on 14th of September 2102. This festival acts as a medium to bring together all renowned artists on single platform.
  4. Indian Oil Corporation Chairman is R.S. Butola.
  5. Full Form of NBS is National Bureau of Statistics.
  6. Full Form of NLEM is National list of Essential Medicines.
  7. Full Form of ECB is External Commercial Borrowing.
  8. Full Form of DGFT is Director General of foreign Trade.
  9. The White-Bellied Heron, the Great Indian Bustard, the Peacock Tarantula and the Spoon billed Sandpiper of India are among 100 most threatened species of planet and closest to extinction.White bellied heron
  10. Full Form of SSC is Species Survival Comission.
  11. Peacock Tarantula is found in the Reserve forest between Nandyal and Giddalur of Andhra Pradesh.
  12. on 11 September 2012  Jeet Thayil, 53 years old writer has been shortlisted for the £ 50,000 Man Booker Prize, for the year 2012, for his debut novel Narcopolis. 
  13. In the third World Deaf Championship at Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, India’s Virender Singh won the bronze medal in the Men’s 84 kgs free style category.
  14. White-bellied Heron is also known as the Imperial Heron.
  15. On 10 September 2012,  Vice president of India Hamid Ansari released the book “Muslim in Indian cities”.
  16. India stood at the fifth position for absolute debt stocks when compared with the 20 other developing debtor countries, according to The Global Development Finance report, 2012 from World Bank.
  17. Welspun Energy is the company which mainly deals with creation of environment-friendly power plants and is aiming to establish its plants across India.
  18. Omkareshwar Dam Project is a 520 MW project constructed by the Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation in joint venture with Madhya Pradesh Government and NHPC is among the biggest dam on Narmada River.
  19. Full Form of WSPD is World Suicide Prevention Day.
  20. On 10 September every year, WSPD an awareness day observed in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, with various activities around the globe.





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