Inventions and their inventors

Razor inventor - King C. Gillette

Inventions / Discoveries Inventors / Discoverers
Vitamin F.G. Hopkins
Vitamin-A Mc. Collum
Vitamin-B Mc. Collum
Vitamin-C Holst
vitamin -D Mc. Collum
Sulpha drugs Dagmanck (Dogmanck)
Streptomycin Selman Waksmann
Heart Transplantation Christian Bernard
Homoepathy Hahnemann
Malaria parasite and its treatment Ronald Ross
Diarrhoea and treatment of Plague Kitajato
Sex Hormones Stenach
Open Heart Surgery Waltallilehak
Contraceptive Pills Pincus
First test tube baby Edwards and Stepo
Electrocardiograph Iwanyaan
Antigen Karl Landsteiner
RNA James Watson and Arther Arg
DNA James Watson and Crick
Insulin Banting
Chloroform Harrison and Sympson
Vaccine of chicken Pox Edward Jenner
T.B. bacteria Robert Koch
Diabetes Banting
Penicillin Alexander Flemming
Polio Vaccine Johan E. Salk
BCG Guerin Calmatte
Bacteria Luvenhauk-Leeuwenhock
Blood Transfer Karl Landsteiner
Atom Bomb Julius Robert Oppenheimer
Automobile (steam) Nicols Cugnot
Automobile(Gasoline) Karl Benz
Balloon Jacques Montgolfier
Ballpoint Pen John J. Loud
Bicycle Tyres (pneumatic) John Boyd Dunlop
Bifocal Lense Benjamin Franklin
Bullet Claude Minie
Cadmium Friedrich Stromeyer
Car Radio William Lear And Elmer Wavering
Cash Register James Ritty
Cellophane Brandenberger
Celluloid Alexander Parkes
Cement Joseph Aspdin
Chlorine Karl Wilhelm Scheele
Clock (mechanical) I-Hsing and Ling-Tsan
Clock (Pendulum) Christian Huygens
Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel
Electric Battery Volta
Electric Cooking Utensil St.George Lane-Fox
Electric Fan Wheeler
Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison
Electric Motor (DC) Zenobe Gramme
Electomagnetic induction Michael Faraday
Electronic Computer J.G Brainerd, J.P .Eckert, J.W. Mauchly
Elevator Elisha G. Otis
Film (musical) Dr. Lee de Forest
Film (talking) Warner Bros
Fluroine Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan
Food Frozen Birdseyes
Fountain Pen Lewis E. Waterman
Gas Lightning William Murdock
Generator Piciontti
Glass (Stained) Augsberg
Glass ware Egypt and Mesopotamia
Glider Sir George Cayley
Gramophone Thomas Edison
Helicopter d’ Ascanio
Helium Sir William Ramsay
Hovercraft C.S. Cockerell
Jet Engine Sir Frank Whittle
Laser Dr. Charles H. Townes
Laws of Gravitation and motion Issac Newton
Lightning Conductor Benjamin Franklin
Locomotive Richard Trevithick
Loom (power0 Edmund Catwright
Loudspeaker Chester W. rice and Edward W. Kellogg
Machine Gun Richard Gaffing
Maps Sumerians (clay tablets)
Match J.E Lundstrom
Microphone Alexander Graham Bell
Microscope Zacharis Janssen
Motorcycle Edward Butler
Motor scooter Greville Bradshaw
Neon Lamp George Claude
Nineteeth Laws of planetary motion Johannes Kepler
Nylon Dr. Wallace H. Carothers
Oxygen Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
Ozone Christian Schonbein
Paper Invented in China
Parking Meter corlton C. Magee
Phonograph Thomas Alva Edison
Phosphorus Henning Brand
Photography ( on metal) joseph Nicephore Niepce
Photography (on paper) W.H Fox Talbot
Photography (on flim) John Carbutt
Piano Cristofori
Printing Press johannes Gutenberg
Propeller (ship) Francis Smith
Proton Ernest Rutherford
Pyramid Egyptians
Radar Dr. Allbert H. Taylor and Leo C. Young
Radioactivity Antoine Bacqucrel
Radio Telegraphy lord Earnest Rutherford
Razor king C. Gillette
Reaper Henry Ogle
Record (long playing) Dr. Petter Goldmark
Refrigerator James Harrison
Revolver Samuel Colt
rocket Engine robert H. Goddard
Rubber (waterproof) Charles Macintosh
Rubber (Vulcanised) Charles Goodyear
Rubber (tyres) Thomas Hancock
Safety Pin William hunt
Ship (turbine) Hon. Sir Charles Parsons
Skyscraper William Le Baron jenney
Side ruler William Oughtred
Spectacles Venice
Spinning Jenny James Hargreaves
Spinning mule Samuel Crompton
Steam Engine Thomas Savery
Steam Engine (piston) Thomas Newcmen
Steel Harry Brearley
Stethescope Dr. William Stokes
Submarine David Bushnell
Synthesizer Dr. Robert Arthur Moog
Tank (military) Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton
Telegraph Sir William Cook, Sir Charles Wheatstone
Telegraph code samuel F.B morse
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Telescope Hans lippershey
Time recorder Harlow Bundy
Transistor john Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain
Transformer william Stanley
typewriter Peter mitterhofer
Uranium Martin Heinrich Klaproth
Vaccination Dr. Edward Jenner
Vitamin -E Sir Herert Mct ean Evans
Vitamin -K Henrik Dam and Edward Adelbert Doisy
Watch (self-winding) Abraham-louis Breguel
Watch ( electric welding) Elishan Thompson
Xerography Chester Floyd Carlson
X-ray Wilhelm Conard Roentgen
Zeppelin Ferdinand Von Zeppelin
Zip Fastener Whitcomb L. Judson



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