India Event Diary – 30th June, 2012, Friday

Tatkal reservation to start at 10 a.m. now

From July 10 onwards, Tatkal reservation will start at 10 a.m. instead of 8 a.m., and the agents will not be allowed to book tickets in the first two hours.

GAAR only a draft, would be finalised after feedback, says PMO

GAAR (General Anti Avoidance Rules) released late Thursday night drew such euphoria that the Prime Minister’s Office had to hurriedly issue a clarification that the guidelines were only a draft and would be finalised, based on feedback, on approval by the Prime Minister.

Following this proposal of the Finance Ministry of a monetary threshold for invoking GAAR and only in cases where FIIs take the benefit of double tax avoidance treaties (DTAAs), foreign funds returned to invest in a big way. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s Sensex gained 439 points to mark its biggest single-day gain in 2012 thus far. And the rupee not only halted its slide but also gained 119 paise against the U.S. dollar.

Stone arch unearthed in Sangareddy, Andhra Pradesh

Workers engaged in the expansion work of an Idgah, which is located near the famous Medak Fort, in Medak town on Thursday unearthed a stone arch while digging.

Goddess Lakshmi was carved in the middle of the arch with elephants on either side standing with garlands. The workers also found impressions of Vishnupadas on another stone.

Chennai attracting more foreign students

The number of students from foreign countries applying to Chennai city colleges that had increased by almost 20 per cent over the last three years has hit a new high this time.

Foreign students at the Madras University mainly study specific subjects in Music, Anthropology and Public Administration. There is a steady flow from Thailand, Mauritius, Italy, Kenya and Bhutan, but this time the university received a large number of students from Sri Lanka, the U.K and France for research. B. Com with an IMS – (Information Management Systems), biological sciences, computer science and electronics are some of the more popular courses.

The college is already one of the most preferred destinations in the city for students from Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Arab countries, who come because of the low cost of education.