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India Event Diary – 28 July 2012, Saturday

A new series launched in India by BMW

BMW, the German automobile giant launched its all-new 3 Series in India, on Friday. The deliveries of the new BMW 3 Series deliveries will start across India immediately. It will be available in two designs – Sport Line and the Luxury Line.

The all-India ex-showroom prices of various models are:

Diesel variants:
BMW 320d – Rs.28.9 lakh
BMW 320d Sport Line – Rs.31.5 lakh
BMW 320d Luxury Line – Rs.31.5 lakh
Luxury Plus – Rs.36.9 lakh
Petrol variant: BMW 328i Sport Line – Rs.37.9 lakh.

The CKD (completely knocked down) kits are assembled at BMW’s plant at Mahindra World City near Chennai. Though the company has a good market in India, but it faces stiff competition from other German auto majors, Mercedes and Audi. The company, which is currently having 25 outlets in India, has sold more than 8,600 units of the BMW 3 series since 2007 here.

India’s Premier invited to Pakistan on Guru Nanak Jayanti

Briefly – An invitation to India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been sent by Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari through the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi, on Friday, to visit Pakistan on Guru Nanak Jayanti.

Details – The second round of corporate dialogue between India & Pakistan will be wrapped up in the beginning of November Pakistan wants the visit to concide within the Birthday Celebrations of Baba guru Nanak Sahib on November 28,And it also wants the Premier to react Guru Nanak’s Ancestral Village.

Implications –

It will be morale booster for the bilateral relations talk

It will project a soft image of Pakistan thus diluting its current image of country where minorities are under threat.

It will Promote inter faith and inter religious harmony in both the nations.

Indian Antiques stolen from Tamil Nadu : Found in New York

Briefly – The New York Immigration and customs authorities have seized the stolen Indian antiques from a manhatten gallery run by an Indian, Subhash Chandra Kapoor,

Details – Stolen antiques were majorly from the temples of Tamil Nadu, which include:

· 3 chola period bronzes-a sculpture of parvati; a sculpture of murugan and a sculpture depicting sivakami amman

· Sandstone statue of the chief of vakshas, kubera of the gupta period

· Agrey schist statue depicting Herkules- Vajrapani of the kandahran kushan period

· A sculpture of shakyamunc Buddha of the Chola period

These are together valued at more than $20 – million.