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India Event Diary – 17th September 2012, Monday

UGC to make accreditation mandatory

In a bid to enhance the quality of higher education, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has now decided to make accreditation mandatory for all universities and colleges. All such campuses coming under its purview, institutes of higher learning in the country in future have to obtain accreditation certificates from National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore.

Only the accredited institutes will get funds from the UGC for various academic and research programmes.

It is already mandatory for all institutions to submit accreditation certificate of the NAAC with a minimum ‘B’ grade to get funds under the “Colleges with Potential Excellence” scheme, otherwise the college is liable to refund the entire amount with penal interest of 10 percent.

Trinamool Congress keeping its cards closed

Over a series of oppostions by the political party for the reform steps taken by the Congress, the Trinamool Congress is tightlipped, as far as its association with United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is concerned.

The party has informed that “harsh” decisions might need to be taken, but any course of actions will be decided only after the September 18 meeting. Calling the recent reforms made by the center as anti-people, the Mamata Banerjee has opposed it severly.

Begging racket busted in Bangalore

In an anti-begging drive in Bangalore, the Child Welfare Commission has caught grip of a large begging racket and has rescued 6 children so far.

The children were taken for counselling from the Majestic area here, all aged between 7 and 12, they revealed that they were living with Jayaram and his mother and were asked to pay their daily earnings to them in return for two meals a day.




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