London Olympics 2012

India Event Diary – 16th July 2012, Monday

India’s flag bearer at olympics – Sushil Kumar

Indian Olympics association has finally announced that wrestler Sushil Kumar will be the flag bearer of the Indian contingent at the London Olympics.

Law commission tells supreme court to focus on cases against “influential persons”

The supreme court of India had sought an advice from the law commission of India on the issue of investigation and the trial of criminal cases against influential public personalities.In the law panel in turn said that “it is not feasible and does’nt serve any purpose” in defining the term “influential persons in public life” but emphasized that special focus should be given to such cases.

The commission also ststed that creating a separate class of”influential persons” and providing differential treatment to them would be an violation of article 14(equality before law) of the constitution But at the same time, special attention to such cases is essential for an obstacle free & essential investigation.

Sunita’s second journey begins

Sunita Williams, an Indian American record setting astronaut, took off for her second space odyssey along with two colleagues, on a Russian Soyuz Rocket the rocket blasted off successfully from a comodrome in Kazakhstan on Sunday.

The other two astronauts in the flight are Japanese Akihiko Hoshide and Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, heading for a four month mission on the International Space Station(ISS).

Sunita Williams already has a record of longest stay in space for a woman astronaut,when she cpmpleted six months in 2006-07, she will further extend this record now.