Highlights of the Global Scrum Gathering Meet held in Bangalore 2016

The Global Scrum Gathering was organised by the Scrum Alliance Inc., in the Indian city of Bengaluru this time, from 27th to 29th June. The three-day Meet covered a wide-ranging host of themes, with great present repercussions in the domain IT. Areas like Scrum beyond IT – Scrum adoptions in domains beyond software, Scrum Beyond Collocated Teams – Using Scrum for distributed teams and scaled environments, Scrum Beyond Deliveries – Scrum artifacts and innovations, Scrum Beyond Hierarchical Boundaries – Leader perspectives were discussed and deliberated upon.


The Meet was important in ways more than one. It included stimulating conversations and meaningful engagements on issues of current concern. The following are the key points that have emerged from the Meet.

Scrum Beyond IT – Scrum adoptions in domains beyond software

A very important aspect of Scrum is its relevance beyond domains of IT. There were conversations about case studies and research papers on successful Scrum transformations in the worlds of education, charity, event management, and many other non-IT milieus. The interlinks between Scrum and various non-IT environs was emphasised upon by all stakeholders.

Scrum Beyond Collocated Teams – Using Scrum for distributed teams and scaled environments

It is recognised that teams today expand beyond geographic boundaries to use Scrum in diverse, distributed teams. The Meet in India’s IT capital sought to examine experiments in collaborating and communicating as a distributed team and identify the synergies required for cross-cultural teams tackling large-scale programs. Rightly so, since identifying and working on collaborations is the need f the hour and order of the day.

Scrum Beyond Deliveries – Scrum artifacts and innovations

A key idea that dominated this Gathering was innovation. New ideas, powerful tools, and beneficial ceremonies were discussed and highlighted.

Scrum Beyond Hierarchical Boundaries – Leader perspectives

This Meet proved to be an exploration into how Scrum creates a ladder to bring a powerful decision-making framework to the top of the organizational pyramid. A major talking point was how executives and leaders view Scrum and its role in overcoming challenges and embracing organizational opportunities. With a lot of participation of leaders of various organisations, the Meet proved to be a ground of brainstorming on a wide variety of past and future challenges and the possible measures that can be taken to curb them.

Scrum Beyond the Status Quo – A developer’s perspective on agility and Scrum

This part of the Gathering highlighted the importance of knowing and understanding the developer’s mind to understand how Scrum enables complex development practices such as CI and CD, and how it influences day-to-day approaches to software development. It was critical in the sense that it successfully helped to form a between theoretical ideas and empirical practice.



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