A half girlfriend? Strange title isn’t it? Chetan Bhagat always gets away with catching attention of readers.

Half girlfriend is 7th novel by Chetan bhagat released in 2014 after the success of five point someone, 3 mistakes of my life, Revolution 2020, etc. This story revolves around a boy from Bihar called “Madhav” who is in love with a girl called “Riya Somani”. The story starts at Madhav’s interview at St. Stephens through sports quota, where he meets Riya. They start spending time together once they got admitted into the school. Madhav does not speak much English but Riya belongs to a high class family and background. Madhav always wanted to get into a relationship with Riya it was a kind of love at first sight for him. But Riya wasn’t ready for a relationship so she agreed to become his half girlfriend. Riya got married to one of her friend from the high class society who was living abroad and leaves Madhav disheartened. Madhav moves to his own town after graduation and started teaching students at his mother’s school only. Meanwhile, Riya gets divorced and comes to Patna, Bihar for her job in Nestle. They got into the budding romance this time, but Riya leaves due to some reasons. Madhav, deeply in love with Riya sets in search for her in New York where she was most likely to be found and ends up finding her at last. And ultimately all becomes well, as they were destined to meet against all the odds.