Powerful Robots will better our Future

With the enhancements and advancements in the technology field, Robots are doing amazing things which looks beneficial to humanity. Intelligent machine which perform task according to the human commands called Robots that plays the beautiful role in our life from entertainment to responsible job. You are surprised with the extra-ordinary activities of futuristic Robots in next generation, which we rounded up in this article. We have include 3D printed spider robots, Robot guide Dog and flying cybrog bugs in our next generation robots list-



3D printed Robot Spider

A big team of researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA have discovered a mobile spider robot. The unique function of this Robot is to provide disaster relief after hazardous events. This Robot is specially designed to perform security measures. With mini robots spiders, you can find the people in hard to reach spaces and reports back to the emergency response team for concerning the safety. Life saving arachnids can also be swiftly and economically produced by 3D printing technology associated with it.


Anthropomorphic PETMAN Robot

Anthropomorphic PETMAN Robot
Anthropomorphic PETMAN Robot

This robotic device specifically developed to test new chemical protection clothing (known as hazmat suits). Anthropomorphic has created by US Military officer with collaboration of Boston Dynamics. PETMAN (Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin) allows the military to examine the effectiveness of new suits against chemical agents without causing any harm to poor volunteer. The body structure of PETMAN is like an ordinary man so that he can crawl easily and perform a series of calisthenics to test the suits to their limits. This enticing robot can copy the human physiology by varying its temperature, humidity and even sweating so that it could do most realistic test conditions possible.


Cyborg Insects Robot

A large team of researchers from University of Michigan working on a new breed of flying insectoid robots which will serve as the first responders in disaster situations. This cyborg uses the energy wings to power the mini sensors which are installed at the back packs. The bugs investigate hazardous environment which are supposed to be the dangerous for humans like nuclear disaster sites, chemical spills and other disastrous environments.


Robot Guide Dog

Various people use the Robot Guide Dog while performing their everyday routine activity. A Japanese company NSK has developed a robot guide dog with the aim to provide assistance to the needy people like the people who cannot see and need the companion who’s able to lead them around and perform tasks.  This robotic creation utilizes 3D visualization through a Microsoft Kinetic sensor. The sensors associated with Robot dog have the capability to measure the amount of movement necessary to tackle an obstacle.


Flying Disaster Relief Robot

When having the trouble with disaster relief working, it is quite eminent to provide proper communication. To obtain this challenge, The EPFL School of Engineering is working on a Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network (SMAVNET) and developing a flying relief robot. This Robot uses wireless technology to create a communication network for rescuers. The robots surrounds with GPS systems, cameras, and more expensive hardware such as radar so that rescuers easily contacts each other.


These are the futuristic robotic models that will surely perform tremendous helps in the disaster relief and other harmful danger.



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