Forbes’ Best Countries for Business List – India gets the 97th spot

In an annual list release by Forbes listing the Best Countries for Business out of 144 nations, India figures just near the border line, securing a low 97th rank in 2015.

The main reasons for this low ranking of India could be briefed as:

  • Poor ranking in trade and monetary freedom
  • Unable to tackle challenges like corruption and violence

Forbes has also noted that rising macroeconomic imbalance in India alongside the improving economic conditions in the Western countries have led the investors to shift the capital from India, thus resulting in a sharp depreciation of rupee.

The list is topped by Denmark for the 6th time in last 10 years, while US slipped further to 22nd spot. Major rankings as are as given below:

  • Rank 1 – Denmark
  • Rank 2 – New Zealand
  • Rank 3 – Norway
  • Rank 4 – Ireland
  • Rank 5 – Sweden
  • Rank 10 – Britain
  • Rank 18 – Germany
  • Rank 22 – United States
  • Rank 23 – Japan
  • Rank 94 – China

Major metrics used for ranking were: Trade Freedom, Monetary Freedom, Property Rights, Innovation, Technology, Red Tape, Investor Protection, Corruption, Personal Freedom, Tax Burden and Market Performance.