Fastest trains in the world

When we talk about the speed around the world, then the countries that come to our mind are China, Japan, Germany, and America because Yes! they have the fastest trains connecting multiple metro-politan cities. The top ten fastest trains in the world are –

  • CRH2 of China – CRH2 was a modified E2-1000 series shinkansen designed from Japan, and it is one of the high-speed train models in china. Top speed of this train is 302 mph and is the super fast train in the world
  • Germany’s Trans Rapid TR-09 – This train is equipped with mag-lev technology and in technical terms it is a kind of monorail. Top-speed of 279 mph makes it the second faster train in the world.
  • Shinkanson – Japan is well-known for its high class of technology bullet trains and no doubt that Shinkanson bullet gives the top speed of 275 mph. Duck Billed platypus is the nick name of this train because of its aerodynamic nose feature.
Fastest Trains
Fastest Trains
  • Shanghai’s magnetic levitation (maglev) train – This train is powered with the magnets and floats over the track and covers 18 mile trips in 8 minutes with top speed of 270 mph.
  • France’s TGV Reseau– France country high speed train possess the top speed of 236 mph and its capability matches with Indy car speeds though its normal running speed is limited to 199 mph.
  • South Korea’s KTX2– This train has the amazing feature and that it can carry only 365 passengers with lofty speed of 219 mph which means passengers get to their destination swiftly.
  • The THSR 700 T– This train is the fame of Taiwan which can carry approximately 1000 people with its super quick speed of 208 mph.
  • The Spanish AVE Talgo 350- With this train you can cover the distance between Madrid to Barcelona in the blink of an eye because its top speed is 205 mph.
  • The Euro Star- This train connects the two countries London and Paris and travel under the English Channel with the thunder speed of 199 mph.
  • Italian ETR 500- This train covers the distance from Milan to Bologna with the super fast speed of 190 mph.




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