NASA's Spitzer Telescope

Event Diary – 3rd September 2013, Tuesday

NASA’s Spitzer Telescope competed ten years in space

Spitzer telescope completed ten years span in the space and it is still going strong. NASA’s Spitzer Telescope celebrates this great accomplishment. It can also be termed as NASA’s infrared eye on the universe which is lightening-up the night sky.

Spitzer Telescope studied comets and asteroids, counted stars, scrutinized planets and galaxies, and discovered soccer ball-shaped carbon spheres (buckyballs) in space.

This astonishing Telescope helps to characterize asteroids and potential targets for an asteroid mission that advances both science and exploration.

NASA's Spitzer Telescope
NASA’s Spitzer Telescope

Japan spends $500 million to recover from Fukushima nuclear catastrophe

The announcement regarding Japan spends $500 million amount on Fukushima nuclear plant comes just days before the International Olympics committee decides whether Tokyo-230 km from the wrecked nuclear plant will host the 2020 Olympics. Although, the nuclear power plant is in extremely dreadful condition but Govt. is keen to show crisis is under control. Fukushima crisis was triggered by the March 2011 earthquake and Tsunami which melted down the reactor at the plant. To clean-up the contaminated radioactive water and other leaks, it will take decades and relies on unrealistic technology.

Rajya Sabha in India, approved the Food Security Bill

Food security Bill which is a $20 billion scheme has been approved by the Rajya Sabha. Under this scheme, the Govt. distributes subsidized wheat and rice to 800 million people to overcome the malnutrition problem among poor Indians.

Scheme has been passed by both the houses.

Food Security Bill is considers as a vote winner move by ruling Congress Party for elections by next year.

But, investors reacted negatively to this scheme when lower house approved the plan due to struggle of Govt. to contain the cost of subsidies.

Bharti SoftBank turn towards Mobile Gaming adventure

Bharti Soft Bank shorted as BSB which is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprise and Japan based Soft Bank turn towards Mobile Gaming adventure with the launch of Tiny Mogul games and targeting the overall audience (more than a billion) by this year end.

Launched first two games i.e. Song Quest and Shiva: The time Bender on the Google play store.

Having the portfolio of five more games which set to be launched in the next year.

FaceBook’s new feature – Trending section

Day by day Facebook enhancing its feature and now, after rolling out hashtags, Facebook is testing the “Trending section” on its news feed section.

Trending section is quite similar to the trend section available on Twitter, showcase topics including hashtags which are presently popular on the site.

The feature is limited to small percentage of US users only.

Record-breaking swimming from Cuba to Florida by Diana Nyad

An American long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad (64 years old), became the first person  to swim across Florida Straits from Cuba without a shark cage, succeeding on her fifth attempt at the feat.  Nyad sets the record of 110 mile (177km) journey under the sea without a shark cage.



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