Most Distant Galaxy Discovered

Event Diary – 28th October 2013, Monday

Most distant galaxy discovered

13 billion light years away from earth! Yes, this is the most distant galaxy ever found. The recent discovery has been made by a team of scientists and astronomers. Dr.Vithal Tilvi, currently at Texas and A&M university, has termed this discovery as very important as it will give insights into the young universe. Since, the galaxy is 13 billion light years away from us, we are seeing the universe as it was 13 billion years ago.

Most Distant Galaxy Discovered
Most Distant Galaxy Discovered

These findings have been published in one of the most prestigious international journal ‘the Nature’. Some of the most surprising findings are:

  • The galaxy is forming about 300 sun-like stars every year, this is such a tremendous rate of star formation, that we can possibly believe our galaxy to be in much more active state when it was young, as compared to what it is today.
  • Since, we found only one galaxy at such a large distance, this tells us that our universe was entirely different when it was young.
  • We are able to explore the universe when it was only 700 million years old.

World’s largest airport opened to passengers

The Dubai Airport, set to be the largest airport in the world. The Gulf emirate of Dubai opened its operations to passengers on Sunday at its second airport, Al-Maktoum International.

Once completed it will have 5 runways which will be able to handle a passenger traffic of 160 million in a year along with 120 million tonnes of cargo. It lies next to the Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone port, which is one of the world’s largest man-made harbours.

Vettel wins Indian GP

It was Vettel this time, at the Indian GP on Sunday. Sebastian Vettel won the Indian Grand Prix F1  day at the Buddh International Circuit here on Sunday. This was the third successive victory for the Red Bull Driver.



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