Comparison of habitable planets

Event Diary – 27th Feb 2012 Monday

Human beings to inhabit other planets soon

Human beings will soon inhabit other planets, said T.Sivathanu Pillai, Chief Controller, Research and Development, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), and Chief Executive Officer, BrahMos Aerospace, here on Monday, while speaking at the national symposium on shockwaves at Periyar Maniammai University (PMU).

The planets like Kepler22h and Gliesen667c which have same temperature as of the earth which are at a distance of 122 light years.

Mr. Pillai also mentioned about the next Chandrayaan mission which would send a rover and explore the materials in the moon. It would move on the surface of the moon, collect materials, and bring it back for research and analysis. The manned mission for the moon from India has been scheduled for 2014 .

PM’s appeal rejected by the Trade Union

Trade unions have rejected Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s appeal to call off the all-India strike on Tuesday. General secretary of the All India Trade Union Congress, Mr. Dasgupta said that despite several representations in the past few months, the government had been unmoved on the major concerns of the working people.
The annual Indian Labour Conference on February 14 and 15 in the presence of Dr. Singh articulated most of the demands and conveyed to him why the workers were compelled to take recourse to strike. However, there was no response either from him or the Labour Minister. It is the first time since independence that trade unions of all hues have got together to register their protest on a wide range of issues stemming out of the liberalisation policy.




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