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Event Diary – 1st March 2012 Thursday

Karnataka to promote digital art : first of its kind initiative in country

For attracting investments in the field of digital art, the State Government of Karnataka on Wednesday unveiled the Karnataka Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics policy. It focusses on developing and nurturing the animation and gaming segment of the information technology industry. It is the first of its kind policy in the country, the Government has announced the creation of a venture capital fund of Rs. 50 crore, to be funded jointly by the Government and private investors, to help the entrepreneurs.

Another key policy announcement is the decision to set up a centre of excellence in this field in a private-public partnership mode. While the State and the Centre would invest 20 per cent and 30 per cent respectively, the private partners would provide 50 per cent.

Biren Ghose, president of the Association of Bangalore Animation Industry, said an expert panel comprising experienced industry professionals from India and abroad would be set up to study and research current trends and future requirements of the industry.

Pakistan to open up negative list items now for trade with India

Pakistan on Wednesday decided to switch to the negative list approach for trade with India and phase it out completely by December-end. Giving its approval to the long-pending decision, it cleared a 1,209-strong negative list of items in which bilateral trade is barred; thereby opening up business opportunities in around 6,850 commodities against the 1,900-odd items currently traded.

This paves the way for granting the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India as mandated by World Trade Organisation (WTO) commitments from next year onwards; thereby removing the discriminatory trade regime that Pakistan has had for India. India had already granted MFN status to Pakistan in 1996.

Supreme court verdict will not apply to Kerala, says Kerala’s CM

Kerala’s Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has said that the Supreme Court judgement on interlinking of rivers will not apply to Kerala or its rivers.

Mr. Chandy said that Kerala had never supported the interlinking of Pamba, Achencoil, and Vaipar rivers.
Leader of the Opposition V.S. Achuthanandan told a press conference here that if the waters of the Pampa-Achencoil rivers were to be diverted to the Vaipar in Tamil Nadu on the basis of the Supreme Court order directing States to cooperate with the river-linking project would mean end of Kerala as it exists today.

He further added, If the river-linking project was implemented, the Vembanad lake and Kuttanad, Kerala’s rice granary, would cease to exist. The very ecosystem of Central Travancore would be endangered. Studies conducted by national and international scientists’ groups had also indicated that river-linking was disastrous, he said.

Facebook being warned by Yahoo

Yahoo Inc has threatened action against Facebook if the social networking giant does not pay licence fee for using technologies which the Internet search major claimed come under its intellectual property rights. Though, Yahoo did not disclose which are the specific technologies, for which Facebook should pay. The New York Times had earlier reported that Yahoo is forcing Facebook to license 10 to 20 patents over technologies that include advertising, personalisation of websites, social networking, and messaging.




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