Android Viruses in Indian Cyberspace

Event Diary – 19th September 2013, Thursday

Android viruses prosper in India cyberspace

A harmful virus has been founded in android apps that potentially stealing the SMS’s, email addresses, IMEI numbers, and installed applications among other personal details in Indian cyberspace.

Android Viruses in Indian Cyberspace
Android Viruses in Indian Cyberspace
  • Internet security snoops has explained the critical vulnerabilities in Android gadget that steal personal information without the users’ knowledge
  • This malware is affecting all versions of Android based gadgets prior to v4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS

Infosys unveils new version of Finacle

Infosys, a great giant in software services export unveils a new version of its Banking Solution named as Finacle. This latest version (of Finacle) will enhance banks’ efficiency and improve customer experience across all channels.

  • Finacle has aimed to create deeper inroads into the international markets
  • With Finacle 11 E project, Infosys has taken a new component perspective to help banks of all sizes to rapidly modernize their operations in a phased manner, while minimizing the risks.  

Bill to bring Biomedical and health research ethical

Govt. proposes a Bill to regulate all biomedical and health research activities under a law to ensure ethical research in all institutions with proper care.

  • It is examined that more than 1,500 research institutions are engaged in biomedical and health research in India
  • More than 1,000 ethics committees are reviewing research protocols involving human participants

Russia reopens major Arctic naval base

Russia will reopen the gigantic naval base in Arctic region and resume naval patrols as it laid claim to vast swath to arctic seabed

  • According to the President, Vladimir Putin’s statement, Russia is going to rebuild a naval base off its Arctic coast that was abandoned 20 years ago.
  • The reopening of naval base ensures safe and efficient operation of Northern Sea Route – said by the Russian President.

New Ambassador opted for Switzerland, Lebanon

India has appointed a senior diplomat M.K. Lokesh as ambassador to Switzerland after replacing Chitra Narayanan.

  • Mr. Narayanan got two extensions on health grounds since her retirement last year.
  • In the meanwhile, Anita Nayar, an IFS officer of the 1983 batch, has been appointed ambassador to the Republic of Lebanon.

IBM investing $1 billion in Linux and open source technologies

IBM, a big giant in Computers is investing $ 1 billion in the new Linux and Open source technologies for its servers. IBM has said that it would invest $ 1 billion for its servers to boost high efficiency for big data and cloud computing

  • IBM vice president Brad McCredie said that various companies are striving to manage big data and cloud computing using commodity servers on decades-long.
  • The need of Big Data approaching new IT systems one of that is openly customizable, and designed from the ground up to handle big data and cloud workloads.



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