Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction is the phenomenon of production of electric current across a conductor moving through a magnetic field.

Michael faraday discovered this phenomenon 1831. He formulated Electromotive force around the closed path is directly proportional to the magnetic flux through the surface bounded by that path. Electric current will be induced in any closed circuit when magnetic changes through the surface bounded by the conductor changes or the conductor are moved through the flux.

Faraday’s Law:

The induced electromotive force in any closed circuit is equal to the negative of rate change of the magnetic flux through the circuit.


E=-dΦb/dt                                           where Φb is the magnetic flux & E is electromotive force

For a coil having N turns:


Applications of Principles of Electromagnetic Induction:

Electric Generator, Induction Motor, Induction Cookers, Transformers etc.

Electromagnetic Induction
Electromagnetic Induction



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