Do you know these high tech innovations?

From the long time, people have been striving to predict the future as you have seen the glimpse of flying cars, tele porters and jet packs. But out of these superlative technologies none of them as yet have made it to the high street.  The skills and creativeness they have used to develop the smart gadgets are indeed impressive. Here are some hi-tech innovations you would love and these are sure to create a super-fire boom by 2030

  • Dream Linking

This is a high tech innovation in which pillows with conducting fibres will be used to monitor electrical activity from the brain.  This mini and comfortable gadget will not only show that someone is dreaming but recent developments indicate that we’ll also be able to tell what they are dreaming about.

Dream Linking Pillow
Dream Linking Pillow

It might be possible for the two people to share dreams and even able to interact in it.

  • Shared consciousness

It is to be believe that we will one day have full links between our brains and external computer so, there will be a technology through which we’d be able to directly access more information from the brain, thus making us much smarter.  This technology will give thought access to the human knowledge and might also allow us to share ideas directly with other people, effectively sharing their consciousness, memories and experiences.

  • Active Contact lenses

This is a kind of ingenious contact lense that will sit in your eyes like normal lenses. They will have three tiny lasers and a micromirror to beam pictures directly onto the retina, creating images in as high resolution as your eye can see. With this gadget, you need not to have a mobile phone, tablet or TV as you could still have all of them visually. Contact lenses will deliver a full 3D, totally immersive perfect resolution experience and you can view the movies and images with the lenses.

  • Smart Yoghurt

In general, a ‘quad core’ processor is equipped with four processors all sharing the same chip, this will further increase until computers have millions of processors. These processors might be suspended in gel to keep them cool and allow them to be wired together via light beams. And now bacteria are being genetically modified to make electronic components out of them. By putting all these together, smart yoghurt could be the basis of future computing.

  • Active Skin

Active skin is made up of tiny skin-cell sized electronic capsules which can be blown into the skin and then enable us to record nerve signals associated with any sensation. With the help of active skin, you can replay the full sensory experience.

These are the top five high tech innovations that can change your life with brilliance and create an imaginative high tech world.



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