currencies of various countries

List of currencies of the world

Countries Currency Picture
Afghanistan Afghan Afghani  afghan-afghani
Pakistan Pakistani rupee  pakistani-rupees
Bangladesh Bangladeshi taka  bangladeshi-taka
China Renminbi  renminbi
Myanmar Burmese kyat  kyats
Nepal Nepalese rupee  nepalese-rupees
India Indian Rupee  indian-rupees
Bhutan Bhutanese ngultrum, Indian rupee  bhutanese-ngultrum
Maldives Maldivian rufiyaa  maldives-rufiyaa
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan rupee  sri-lankan-rupees
Iran Iranian rial  iranian-rial
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan manat  turkmenistan-manat
Uzbekistan Uzbekistani som  uzbekistani-som
Tajikistan Tajikistani somon  tajikistani-somon
Russia Russian ruble  russian-ruble
Vietnam Vietnamese dong  vietnamese-dongs
Japan Japanese yen  japanese-yen
North Korea North Korean won  North-Korean-Won
Taiwan New Taiwan dollar  new-taiwan-dollars
Mongolia Mongolian tögrög  Mongolian-Tugrik
Kazakhstan Kazakhstani tenge  kazakhstani-tenge
Laos Lao kip  lao-kip
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstani som  kyrgyzstani-som



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