Corruption-A Social Menace

“Corruption” –the word has extended its reach to the extent that every mouth in this world can speak of it even if invoked for an impromptu. Multifarious ways can be used to define it such as dishonesty, bribery, crime, fraud, extortion, demoralization, nepotism, profiteering and many more counting to countless. Not only in India but this predicament is being faced by many countries of the world. Corruption is like a poisonous snake which has entered languidly in all aspects of life. It encompasses grass root level to the top of hierarchy, politics to education, rich to poor, government to private players, roads to field .Almost each and every sector is embodied in it.

Corruption has penetrated deep into our system and life that we face it in various forms in our daily life. We are also a part of corrupted society as we encourage it for our selfish motives. Examples worth noticeable as ; while travelling in train when our tickets are not confirmed or we are without tickets we try our best to convince train ticket examiner by paying him to allot us ticket or make some arrangements. Many a times, admission forms of educational institution, jobs, etc are sold in black and we purchase it to do the needed . We pay money to clerk, peon and many such persons to get our work done. Why to impute government when we too have our hands colored in the different shades of corruption, and in different hues. Ponder over the same and question yourself if you have never tried these things in your life. It starts with “I” then to us. If charity begins at home, then corruption too spawns within oneself and then it disseminates.
Latterly we have heard about many scandals and scams that had all news channels hot on their heels, like the 2G spectrum scam, the scam involving the process of allocating unified access service license. As per CAG report, Rs 1.76 lakh crores worth of scam was done by former Telecom Minister A. Raja. Commonwealth Games too found a place as yet another category in the list of scandals in India which accounted for whooping 70000 crores spent on games, only half of which spent on Indian sports persons. This news spread like fire and created derogatory situation for India. The other Abdul Karim Telgi who was the master mind in Telgi scam, sold duplicate stamp papers to banks and other institutions. It permeated in 12 states and was estimated to account for Rs. 20000 crore plus scam. Satyam scam has been the biggest fraud in corporate history . Bofors scandal is known as hallmark of Indian corruption. Recently the Coal Scam rocked the Indian government. The Comptroller and Auditor General in a report, had estimated potential revenue loss of 1.86 crore on account of faulty allocation of coal block. These types of scams are aggrandizing gradually day by day.
What are various the reasons at root level that give rise to this menace in different forms? First is economic instability. Economical crisis and price hike are major causes of it. Unemployment, lack of values, support of few good leaders, inadequacy in management and organization, lack of feeling of patriotism, dissatisfaction, feeble control and vigilance, lack of autonomy, poor leadership, lack of reimbursements, etc badly affects the social and economic status of Nation. The repercussions are that the nation has to face are loss of National wealth, integrity, social and economic backwardness from other countries. Poverty increases, power and authority goes in wrong hands, crime rates surge and terrorist activities, psychological disorders, rise in suicidal cases, etc are the aftermath that we have to face .Worse has to be suffered by the poor and the indigent people as they are the ones to bear the brunt of corruption being, unable to fulfill demands of people and sometimes even costing their lives.
As a responsible citizen, one should take initiatives to eliminate this evil from our society and life. We should strive to culminate corruption by inculcating moral and social values through value education, effective and routine observation . Vigilance e should be exercised at one’s own level and under his/her scope of work to keep a proper check on activities done by people involved in the work area. Administration should be in proper order, it should be very strong and effective, media should play positive role in exposing scams and scandals fearlessly. Whistle-blowers form a secure part of governance and people should be encouraged to support the same.
Journalists and reporters plays pivotal role as they expose the cases. So they should be strong enough to sustain against this evil. Our law and order should be strict and uniform for both the politicians and the common man. The declaration of wealth and assets should be made mandatory. RTI can further aid this process. One can contribute by supporting those campaigns and leaders who had instigated such programs so as to build a corruption free nation. Anna Hazare’s Gandhian social activism needs many hands to take the movement forward against the swirling typhoon of corruption that has started taking its toll of the country ,engulfing every part of it. He founded the India against corruption movement, which is supported by eminent and erudite people from different walks of life such as Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Baba Ramdev etc. He proposed Jan Lokpal bill which, if gets enacted into law and implemented it would be able to thwart the disease of corruption in India.
It is our problem and our nation’s; it affects us in one or the other way. Let us stand together with courage for this imperial cause, so that we can make a better India for coming generations and we can be proud of it in a true sense. When it will shine like a sun in the sky. Jai Hind…Jai Bharat.




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