CCE- Shifting schools to a new paradigm

Schoolhouses are the republican line of fortification – Horace Mann
With commencement of education in India, different ways have been recommended for assessment of children. Evaluating students is a crucial part of education system. With the change in time, it is deeply perceived that there should be change in paradigm of assessing students. For long , the traditional approach has been used to evaluate students. But now, CCE i.e., Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation, is all set to take up the job. CCE , an initiative by Ministry of Human Resource and Development Minister under Kapil Sibal , was announced by Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E) in India.
This test will be benevolent to students as it will reduce the burden of exams . They will be assessed in a way that they will not feel stress and pain due to exertion. Now the question emanates as in how to conduct the test. As per the acknowledgement, there will be two parts of appraisement. First will be ‘Formative Assessment’ that embodies class work, homework, oral question, quizzes, projects assignment test etc. and the second will be ‘Summative Assessment’ accommodating curriculum, academic area, non academic areas. Summative assessment will provide authentic feedback to both the teachers and parents.
This will be pursued by the grading system . As per the scheme, the scholastic and co-scholastic areas will be tracked by the teachers for each student and appropriate grades a will be allotted to them based on indicators of the teacher’s manual of CCE issued by CBSE. By this student overall personality development is checked as the teacher records the performance of student in scholastic areas, such as language, mathematics, science, history, computer education etc. and in co-scholastic areas such as life skill, creativity, attitude, physical education, discipline, etc.
Report cards will be sent to parents through e-mails as per the format prescribe by CBSE with the school logo inscribed. The system will also calculate percentile ranking of each student as per CBSE standard procedure for schools.
Here teachers will also have a substantial role as she/he will have to evaluate the students on daily basis considering their performance, studies, activities, etc. Also teachers will have to update student’s accomplishment frequently. Teachers will follow a consolidated way to update student’s performance in scholastic and co-scholastic areas, as characterized by CBSE. Different weightage will be given to formative and summative assessment and the same will be updated to report card modules. Teachers will be informed about every student’s self awareness areas like, strength, goal, weakness, etc. .They will also maintain the guardian details of every student. The class teacher will maintain the student profile.
On part of students , the scheme will assist them to analyze and to keep a track ,on their performance so that they can perform better further. With this, CCE will nourish the students as well as teachers for improving performance by indentifying his/her learning difficulties and abilities at regular time interval, right from the commencement of academic session , and manipulate suitable restorative measures for augmenting their learning performance.




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